Rotterdam Terminal

Tank Bidco B.V.  main terminals in Netherlands are located in Rotterdam which complies with the international standard directive, which means an extended safety management system audited annually by the local authorities. Tank Bidco B.V.  elected to have one system for all its terminals. This means that the terminals in all operated seaports comply with the strictest regulations.

Tank Bidco B.V. Storage Tank located in Rotterdam port is the perfect base for clients from around the world. The storage tank terminal operates three different multi-purpose distillation units. The total storage capacity is well above 2,000,000 tons. Typically processed parcel sizes are between 1,000 and 500,000 tons. Tank Bidco B.V. petrochemical Industrial distillation operates its own laboratory, which provides quality assurance and can also perform test distillations to determine how to process the products in the best way.

Different loading and unloading terminals. Tank Bidco B.V.  has many train loading and discharging two terminals where containers can be eight discharged simultaneously. For maximum flexibility, all rail movements are handled with the companies. Tank Bidco B.V.  – Oil refineries and crude oil terminals in Rotterdam tankers unload crude oil at crude oil terminals in the Europoort and on the Maasvlakte. There, the oil is mixed to the specifications of the refineries, which is called blending.

Houston Terminal

Tank Bidco B.V. operates Joint Venture with major Houston tank storage operators, which claims to be the world’s largest independent tank storage provider that operates a large tank farm, rail, and ship dock terminal in Houston’s, for storing and shipping petrochemical products entering and leaving through the heart of the nation’s largest petrochemical corridor. The terminal is adjacent to the Mitsui & Co. (USA) owned Intercontinental Terminals Company, which operates 209 storage tanks, loading and unloading racks for both rail cars and tank trucks, and five tanker berths.

Due to its broad customer base, Tank Bidco B.V.  provides its customers with special discount for tank storage lease.” Tank Bidco B.V.  in Houston operate four ship docks that “have 45 foot draft, 165 foot beam, and a 1,000 foot LOA. The docks have pumping capacity of 40,000 bbl./hour for fuel oil. Tank Bidco B.V. has nine miles of additional intra-terminal piping to facilitate tank-to-tank transfers. When not serving vessels, each ship dock can accommodate four barges. In addition to the ship docks, Tank Bidco B.V. has seven barge docks that can service 19 barges simultaneously.” The Terminal is not only capable of shipping and receiving oil products by barge, cargo vessel, pipeline and tank transfer, but it also had rail and truck capability. Since the American distribution network is heavily depending on rail and road infrastructure, Nekst is well equipped with broad rail tank car and road tank truck handling facilities

Dubai Fujairah Terminal

Tank Bidco B.V. operates all major terminals in Dubai Fujairah, which intakes crude and oil products from the railway tank-cars, pipeline, and sea tankers perform their storage and shipments to domestic and foreign customers. The terminal consists of two oil handling sites with the total storage capacity of 495,000 m3, including 119,000 m3 of the own tanks.

Each oil handling site is equipped with the tanks of various storage capacity for different sorts of oil products, railway ramps for discharge of oil products from railway cisterns, oil pumping stations, vapor generating facilities and technological pipelines to transport the oil products between the sites / cisterns and to deliver it to the tankers and bunkering vessels. With the construction of the oil bunkering terminal facilities in Primorsk Port Leningrad Oblast region, the company is expected in commissioning new fuel oil bunkering terminal facility with the capacity of 600 000 m3 in the year 2019. Construction of Baltic Pipeline System (BPS) which aimed is to transport oil from Timano-Pechersk field, from West-Siberian and Ural oil and gas provinces is currently in progress and it expected to be commissioned by the end of 2017. Several years of working hard has brought the company to these positive results in oil handling and bunkering, loading/unloading of oil product in oil terminal, with our multi-purpose facilities capable of accepting large volumes of oil and oil products from the railway.

Chinese Terminal

One of the most advanced storage networks in the world is ours storage terminals in China. With years of trustworthy service behind them, a combination of ultra-modern greenfield terminals and improved facilities. We recently purchased a 50 percent stake in a Chinese storage terminal. Expanding our storage offering and allowing the region to flourish even further. We opened a storage facility at China’s Port Qasim last year. Developing a new energy crossroads at the intersection of the Middle East and Central Asia. We are always adjusting to meet the demands of a dynamic market.

We plan to increase our commercial crude storage capacity by at least 1.11 million cubic meters by the end of 2022, which will allow us to stockpile more imports. Tank Bidco B.V.  currently has a storage capacity of over 26 million barrels and eight berths, including two VLCC-capable berths. Crude oil, fuel oil and VGO, diesel fuel, gasoline, and components all have storage capacity. These products are imported from all over the world and kept or blended at Tank Bidco B.V. in preparation for export, including to regional consumers and key Asian import destinations. Furthermore, because it is located within the Tank Bidco B.V.  Trade Zone area, Tank Bidco B.V.  offers specific storage benefits to our customers. Imports to the facility are thus exempt from customs duties.

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